NJ Spine and Wellness knows accidents can happen at any time, and that even a minor one can result in a severe injury.

Even if you “walk away” from an auto accident feeling fine — or with only some minor aches and pains — you may have sustained serious injuries that require a diagnosis and treatment from an orthopedist, including auto accident rehab. In fact, anytime you’ve been in an accident, it’s vital to seek medical treatment from our team of car accident doctors in NJ.

At NJ Spine and Wellness, we not only feature the top medical doctors specializing in auto accident recovery and rehab, but we also have locations throughout the state of New Jersey, including clinics in:

When Should You See an Auto Accident Recovery Doctor?

Even if you received emergency medical treatment after your accident, it’s essential to consult with an NJ car accident doctor so you can get specialized treatment; there may be torn ligaments, muscles, and other injuries. Some of these issues — especially soft tissue injuries — might not be as obvious, but can be just as debilitating and may require extensive rehabilitation after your car accident.

Symptoms You May Need to Consult a Car Accident Doctor in NJ

Some of the most common symptoms following a car accident include:

  • Pain in the pain, neck, shoulder, or other area of the body
  • A tingling sensation, burning, or numbness in your fingers, hands, or arms
  • Painful or restricted motion/mobility
  • Headaches
  • A sagging arm, shoulder, or joint
  • A lump or other deformity near the site of the injury
  • Pain when lifting objects

Common Orthopedic Injuries Due to a Car Accident

Car accidents can result in injuries that are both immediately apparent as well as delayed. By immediately seeking medical attention and treatment from an NJ car accident doctor, you can help reduce the chances of increased injury as well as accelerate your car accident rehabilitation time. Common injuries include:

  • Whiplash — Quite common in car accidents, it can damage nerves, muscles, ligaments, and more.
  • Broken bones — Everything from your ribs, hips, legs, and feet to your arms and wrists could be damaged in an auto accident.
  • Head injuries — Can cause concussions or even traumatic brain injury (TBI) and lead to problems sleeping, focusing, etc.
  • Back/spine issues — One of the most common — and severe — auto accident injuries.
  • Soft tissue injuries — Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be torn, strained, or ruptured.
  • Knee trauma — Knees can hit the dashboard, resulting in kneecap pain as well as issues with knee ligaments.
  • Herniated discs — Caused by bulging discs in the spine.
  • Bruises, scrapes, and cuts — Typically result from broken glass or metal.

What’s Included in Car Accident Rehabilitation?

At NJ Spine and Wellness, our NJ car accident doctors are particularly suited to treat just about every car accident injury imaginable. We feature various cutting-edge and state-of-the-art modalities, as well as specialized treatments for:

Our team of car accident doctors in NJ can help diagnose your injuries and recommend the appropriate treatment to address it. Regardless of your injury, we’ll make a specialized car accident physical therapy plan personalized for you and your issues, all part of our comprehensive care and our motto to help you Get Better Faster. To learn more about car accident physical therapy options at any of our locations in New Jersey — including in East Brunswick, Freehold, Matawan, and Old Bridge — contact us today.

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