An active lifestyle is vital to millions — and the sports injury treatment professionals at NJ Spine & Wellness are dedicated to keeping bodies in motion.

From athletes and fitness enthusiasts to weekend warriors and those simply wishing to lead a healthy lifestyle, our orthopedic specialists for sports injuries draw from a wealth of knowledge, experience, and research to customize treatment plans for individuals to recover and get back in the game.

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Our Commitment to Your Sports Injury Recovery

As our New Jersey orthopedic specialists know, returning from a sports injury can be a lengthy, arduous process. However, with the right professionals in your corner, your recovery can be as efficient as effective as possible. When you turn to NJ Spine and Wellness for sports injury treatment, you’ll gain access to a team that’s seen it all before and know just what to do from a physical therapy, medication, and even surgical perspective to get you back to the activities you love.

Four Stages of Complete Sports Injury Rehabilitation

If you’re injured and are committed to making a complete recovery, adhering to a proper sports injury rehabilitation schedule is crucial. While methods for sports injury rehabilitation vary on a case-by-case basis, the framework is largely consistent. We’ve laid out the recommended steps to a successful rehabilitation:

Protect the Sports Injury

The first step in sports injury recovery is minimizing further damage and allowing the body to begin healing. The better you can regulate inflammation, manage pain, and protect the afflicted body, the better your recovery will be.

This phase will most likely include rest and may involve cold packs along with some sort of protective cast, sling, or tape. Pain management with anti-inflammatory or analgesic medication may also be considered.

Recover Strength

A sports injury and the subsequent recovery period can lead to muscle weakness and a toll on endurance. Minimizing muscle loss and strength deficits should be integral rehabilitation goals. It’s important to perform exercises that minimize aggravation, such as stationary cycling and other gentle exercises.

Recover Motion

After a sports injury or surgery, swelling and pain can make it challenging to move the injured body part as you used to. Soft tissue and joint mobilization training are both paramount for your rehabilitation to recover an early-stage range of motion. Using flexibility training suited to your specific injury can help restore your range of motion and avoid the lasting effect decreased range of motion can have on your body’s overall function.

Recovery Function

The final step in rehabilitation is recovering sports-specific function and ultimately returning to play. This phase of sports injury recovery may include restoring coordination and balance, improving speed, agility, and skills that progress from simple to complex.

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