Our New Jersey practice offers comprehensive pain and orthopedic treatment modalities.

These treatment methods are aimed to make movement and activity easier, reduce pain, restore muscular strength, and let you resume your pre-injury work and recreation with full functionality. Our specialty-trained experts are adept in the most advanced and proven rehabilitation techniques and revolutionary modalities to meet your orthopedic needs.

We offer pain and orthopedic treatment modalities throughout New Jersey at our four locations, including East Brunswick, Freehold, Matawan, or Old Bridge.

Electronic Stimulation (E-Stim)

Electronic stimulation, or E-stim, is a component used by many physical therapists to address injuries or illnesses that cause pain or limited functional mobility, including low back pain, tendonitis, muscle weakness, and post-surgical discomfort. There are several types of E-stim that accomplish different tasks, including the use of a Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS) machine.

A TENS machine consists of a battery-powered device that delivers electrical impulses via electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. Electrical current runs between the pads, helping calm the nerves around the problem area and overloading the body with sensory input so the user does not focus on the pain. It is often used as an alternative to painkillers, and treatment takes roughly ten minutes.

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Game Ready Ice Compression Therapy

Ideal for acute injuries and post-treatment, Game Ready is a drug-free treatment option leading the way in active ice compression and cold therapy recovery, pain relief, and injury healing. The units rapidly circulate ice water through wraps coupled with compression, helping stimulate natural tissue repair, aiding lymphatic function, and promoting a speedy recovery. Game Ready can cover the entire body, and treatments only take about ten minutes.

Normatec Recovery System

Designed to let you recover faster and train harder, the Normatec recovery system is a compression device ideal for those with swelling or soreness after a rigorous exercise program. The system utilizes the massage-like release of compressed air housed within machine-controlled chambers, working to reduce tightness, rejuvenate muscle tissue, combat lactic acid build-ups, and enable greater productivity. The Normatec recovery system can be applied to full lower or upper extremities, and like Game Ready, takes around ten minutes.

Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Designed with NASA Differential Air Pressure technology, the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is transforming physical therapy for many. In addition to its adjustable speed and incline, it allows individuals to walk or run at a lower percentage of their body weight — as low as 20%, empowering them to execute rehabilitation with low impact and reduced pain. It functions by pushing the user up in 1% increments to offset the gravity pulling them down.

With the ability to be used to restore normal walking and running mechanics and support healing tissue, anti-gravity treadmills for physical therapy are ideal for those recovering from acute injuries as well assist postoperative up and walking again. Those with fractures and muscular strains, ACL reconstructions, Achilles tendinopathy, and a bevy of other physical conditions. Additionally, individuals with neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis, can benefit.

Litecure Class IV Laser Therapy

Litecure Class IV laser therapy is a non-invasive light modality that provides deep heat to repair the body at a cellular level to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation without the side effects of medication. Our team uses this laser therapy to help patients recover from acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more, as well as facilitate post-activity recovery.


Widely regarded as a state-of-the-art alternative to invasive and risky back surgery, the DRX9000 uses decompression to treat a variety of spinal complications. The technology of the device allows users to adjust the amount of spinal traction to treat back conditions, including herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and pinched nerves.

There are four main sections of the spine: cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), lumbar (lower back), and sacral (tailbone). The cervical and lumbar are the hinge points — the pillars of spinal mobility — making them more injury-prone. This is where the DRX9000 comes in.

The machine enables the user to take a gravity-eliminated position, pinpoint the area in the neck or back, and add a distraction force that relaxes pressure on the disc, allowing it to move and relieve pain. Before use, individuals must have a recent MRI — which will show where the problem area is — for diagnosis to let us know if they are a candidate for back traction.

Visit One of Our New Jersey Locations for Pain and Orthopedic Treatment Modalities

When it comes to pain and orthopedic treatment modalities, our multidisciplinary practice in New Jersey is in your corner with sophisticated treatment plans, an expert staff, and an unwavering commitment to help you get better faster.

We encourage you to visit any one of our locations throughout New Jersey, including East Brunswick, Freehold, Mattawan, and Old Bridge. For more information about pain and orthopedic treatment modalities in New Jersey, reach out to our team today.

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