NJ Spine and Wellness offers Game Ready® treatment technology to maintain optimal wellness, heal injuries and prevent other sports-related injuries. This advanced technology provides an effective, drug-free way to speed your recovery. Game Ready is in a class of its own with clinically proven results. With this technology, we can reduce muscle pain and swelling without medications—it is comfortable and safe and has no risk of tissue damage.

Available in our Old Bridge, Freehold, and Matawan offices, Game Ready is a four-phased approach:

  • Cold Therapy decreases pain, muscle spasms, edema and swelling. It also reduces metabolic activity and demand for oxygen, thereby reducing secondary tissue damage.
  • Compression Therapy aids in the prevention of edema formation and removal of swelling.
  • Active Cold draws heat away from the injury site for more efficient temperature reduction.
  • Active Compression mimics natural muscle contractions, “pumping” edema out of the injured area, optimizes lymphatic drainage, increases blood flow and oxygen delivery, and stimulates tissue repair the accelerate the healing process.

How does Game Ready® work?

Until recently, the RICE (rest – ice – compression – elevation) principles have been used to control symptoms, muscle pain and swelling after an injury.

Immediately after suffering a musculoskeletal injury, the body initiates a series of physiological responses to defend surrounding tissue damage. While inflammation is a natural and necessary mechanism in the process, controlling it effectively can actually allow the body to heal faster. Game Ready® technology goes beyond static cold compression and uses ACCEL™ (Active Compression & Cold Exchange Loop) Technology which proactively aides lymphatic function and encourages cellular oxygen supply to stimulate tissue repair. This method, along with care from our trained chiropractors helps accelerate and enhance recovery.

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If you have recently suffered from a musculoskeletal injury, call NJ Spine and Wellness at 877-333-6579 to learn more about how Game Ready® technology can minimize your recovery time and get you performing better, faster. Please visit the NJ Spine and Wellness location page for details on specific hours and locations for our Old Bridge, Freehold and Matawan centers.