Most elbow pain is caused by overuse. NJ Spine and Wellness keeps a look out for you, so you can Get Better Faster.

Due to the frequent arm movement that occurs during work, sports, and hobbies, you could easily injure your elbow joint. Injury may also be caused by arthritis, although your elbow will not wear like the joints in your spine, knee, or ankle. Before taking treatment for elbow pain, you need to be sure of the root causes of elbow pain. What is Causing Your Elbow Pain?

Treating Elbow Pain

Your doctor will carefully examine your elbow, gather your medical history and recommend tests to gain a detailed view of your elbow joint. For acute or mild elbow pain, your doctor will recommend self-care which includes:

  • Rest: Avoiding activities that can make the pain worse
  • Support: Using an elbow pad to cushion the joint and reduce soreness
  • Ice: Placing an ice pack on your elbow joint for close to 20 minutes daily

For severe or chronic elbow pain, your doctor may recommend:

  • Aspiration: Extracting excess fluid from the elbow joint
  • Steroid injection: Injecting steroids into the elbow to ease inflammation and relieve pain quickly

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